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Orange Calcite- Natural (1/2 pound)

Orange Calcite- Natural (1/2 pound)

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Calcite is one of the Earth's most abundant minerals. In it's pure form it is colorless.  The pretty orange color in calcite is caused by reflecting light from hematite particles.

Calcite is known for being a powerful amplifier. It can be used to cleanse energy. Orange calcite is an energizing stone often used to aid the lower chakras.

Crystal healers believe orange calcite can aid in depression and balance emotions. It is often associated with creativity, innovation and confidence, which makes it a great rock for your office area.

Use crystals for meditation, energy work, crafts, in your potted plants, or simply as a beautiful decorative piece.

Orange Calcite Details

 Photos of multiple items are to show variations in product.

Approximate Size: 1.3" - 2" 
Chakra: Root
Elements: Fire
MOH Hardness: 3

Stones are natural and will have variations in color, shape, and size.  Stones shipped will be very similar but not identical. No two stones are alike. Photos are taken in natural light and show the mixture of sizes and shapes available. 

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