Why Amethysts Belong in Everyone's Home: Amethyst Crystals Meaning

Why Amethysts Belong in Everyone's Home: Amethyst Crystals Meaning

For centuries, Amethysts have been a beloved crystal. Today they remain one of the most popular crystals. Ancient Greeks believed amethysts protected the wearer from intoxication. Hence the word amethyst when translated in Greek means "not drunk." Historians say this belief most likely stems from the wine color of the gem.

Greek literature describes a gem city with altars made of amethysts.

Ancient Egyptians carved amulets from amethyst. They believed the gem protected them in battle.

Some believed it had the power to control thoughts, and that the gemstone enhanced intelligence.

Amethysts were part of stories and legends. One legend suggests amethysts originated from a young maiden named Amethyst who, as a protective act, was turned to pure white stone. The god, Bacchus, who sent beasts to harm her, than felt remorse and poured grape juice over the white stone causing her to become a deep purple color.

The high-priests from the Bible book of Revelation adorned their breastplates with twelve jewels, including Amethysts.

The stone can be found in raw form, geodes, tumbled, in clusters and in points.

All About Amethysts

  • Color: lilac to deep purple
  • Energy: Amplifies
  • Chakra: Third-eye and Crown Chakra
  • Element: Water
  • Lattice: Hexagonal
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces (February 21 - March 21)
  • Planets: Mars & Jupiter
  • Birthstone for the month of February
  • Wedding Anniversary: 17 years
  • Gem Season: Spring
  • MOH: 7

Spiritual Meaning of Amethysts

Amethysts, according to spiritual healers, can open the third-eye chakra and balance the crown chakra. It enhances spiritual awareness and promotes divine love. This purple stone helps with intuition and fosters creativity.

How to Use Amethyst Crystals

Healers believe the stone provides calmness, reduces anxiety and wards off bad dreams. Making this a great stone to keep in your bedroom. The color purple was a popular color for royalty. It is associated with wealth.

  • wear your amethysts
  • decorate your space with different forms of amethysts
  • place one in your pocket or purse for good luck, support or comfort
  • integrate amethysts in your meditation, yoga, or aromatherapy
  • place around your home utilizing feng shui principals

Where to Place Amethysts in Your Home

According to Feng Shui, amethysts attract abundance. Place them in the wealth area of your home. You can find your wealth area or Xun by standing at the entrance of your home. The far left corner of your home is where you'll want to place amethysts.

Why Amethysts Belong in Your Home

Amethysts are gorgeous crystals to decorate your home with. They can be found in geodes and clusters. Tumbled and raw crystals can bring calmness and reduce anxiety when used as a support tool in your wellness routine. According to Feng shui amethysts invite wealth to your home. From a spiritual standpoint amethysts help you connect with your divine energy.



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