How to Use Crystals: 9 Ways To Use Crystals in Your Everyday Life

How to Use Crystals: 9 Ways To Use Crystals in Your Everyday Life

Do you feel an inexplicable draw to rocks and crystals?

I love collecting rocks and have since I was a kid. If you're visiting this site, the beauty of nature probably draws you to crystals too.

Whether you're thinking about purchasing your first crystal or you already have a collection of them, you might wonder how to use crystals in your everyday life.

How to Use Crystals

Crystals are alluring and have a high vibration. You might wonder, how can you incorporate them into your everyday life?

  1. decorate your home
  2. hold in your hand or pocket for as a reminder of something or for support
  3. integrate them in your yoga or meditation routine
  4. set an intention and use a crystal to manifest
  5. balance your chakras
  6. create a crystal grid
  7. wear them
  8. place them around the house in accordance with feng shui principals
  9. integrate in with aromatherapy

Why & How to Cleanse Crystals?

There are two main reasons to cleanse crystals.

  • Clean dust or dirt that may accumulate
  • Cleanse to clear out stale energy

Cleanse once per month to clean and clear out any stale energy.

To keep your gems and minerals from accumulating dirt use a microfiber towel or any non-abrasive cloth to dust them as needed.

As a general rule, the Mohs hardness scale is the authority on how to care for a

Cleansing Options

To cleanse you can use:

  • water
  • earth
  • rain
  • moonlight
  • sunlight
  • cleanse with smoke (incense, palo santo sticks, sage)

Crystals with a higher Moh hardness scale (over 5 on the scale) are usually safe to submerge in water. Do not submerge softer miner

Immersing softer minerals in water can damage and or destroy the stone:

Why and How to Charge Crystals

Just like everything, crystals emit energy. As energy is consumed it needs to be recharged. The idea is to return your crystal to its natural state.

  • earth
  • moonlight
  • sunlight

To recharge place your stone in the earth. You can put them in your garden soil to recharge. Place them in the soil in the evening and they can recharge from both the soil and the moonlight.

What is a Grid & How to Make One?

To manifest intentions you can hold the stone in your hand to make an intention or you can also use a grid.

A grid is when you place four or more crystals in a geometric pattern. In spiritual circles you might create a grid to direct healing towards someone, for protection, or to cleanse a space.

Usually the center stone is the largest in a grid. Some like to use crystal points to create grids, but you can use whatever shape you would like.


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